M Company Logo Name

It is a letter M logo with an additional shape under the letter to represent the floor. The company is engaged in the production of robots. The letters M and H as robots. Global Marine Asset Security Company. The logo combines several elements: trident + shield + letters M + G. Trident symbol in the form of a letter M inserted into the negative space of a shield shape forming the letter G. For this logo, I combined the letter M with a crown, because the best employee must feel important, like a king! In our collection of M letter logos you will find design ideas for brands that start with M: It is a reliable financial company logo with the letter “M” symbolizing correct money management. The company offers a frictionless loyalty system based on facial recognition technology and machine learning. We combine data from multiple channels to create product recommendations and deliver an exceptional customer experience. “M L“ monogram for law firms. Logo unused and available for sale.

General information in English Name to embed in the logo Patterned slogan to be integrated into the logo Unspecified description of the organization and its target audience Remote work has made it difficult to balance well-being and job performance. 
With insights into unique personal habits, Mustered will enable employees to restore the conditions for success of each task and take responsibility for their time. 
Balance employers and employees by allowing each person to achieve more desired outcomes and fewer disadvantages, for a perfect harmony of well-being and productivity that increases both. It was a project out of my comfort zone, but I decided to try it anyway. The client wanted prosperity and a prestigious academic look, something simple but recognizable to represent its identity. It was a logo for a course that is part of a business school. I opted for a double M, stylized into an attractive icon. Fun project. Logo for holding events inspired by fun, tents and the letter M for Mevento.

An app that allows companies to track employee morale, motivation, and engagement, while allowing employees to provide regular feedback on their experiences within the company. Designing a logo for an exciting new business – MembersAmp BRIEF: We sell vitamins and supplements to women. I am a pharmacist and a mother, I want the brand logo to reflect that. I like apothecary symbols like mortar and pestle. It is an inclusive music school that offers something clean, unique and memorable, coming from the musical note/symbol itself. The intention is to do something like a renewed “G” key. They came from the combination of “C” (for Cummings) and “M” (for music) I actually got some prototypes during the process, but still, I have to keep it simple and know “when to stop” or no more elements to iterate in the logo. Thanks for reading, Have a blessed day Description of the company Tumpal Utomo: Mercury Lighting Solutions is a lighting distributor that develops lighting solutions. Their solutions include specifying lighting products from various trusted suppliers, selling products from a similar group of suppliers, developing lighting control systems, as well as a turnkey solution for lighting retrofit projects – energy-saving projects.

Logo Description: Because customers are looking for a geometric and modern logo. So I made this logo simpler, masculine and geometric. Main idea: This logo shows a letter M and an abstract light. Fire represents lighting. Logo colors: I chose blue and green colors for this logo based on the briefing. Very clean, unique and memorable for their brand. Sincerely, Melodicart Movetex is a software development company. The objective was to design the main logo for Movetex and for 3 related software packages: Movetex LiteFleet, Movetex LiteFactory, Movetex LiteMatch in the same style and technique. Timeless M+Flag logo.

Available for purchase. Contact us if you are interested 😉 Letter E + M + Six Pack Body Unused Logo Hit me if you are interested in Intermino means infinite, so this digital marketing agency is represented by the infinity symbol, the top half of which is the letter m embedded in the logo. Monograms are a hell of a job for me because today you have a thousand of these logos and you still have to do something unique. But in this particular case, I think I did something like that. I worked very hard to combine these two letters, and I also wanted to make a sleek and sophisticated design. In the end, I can say that the result is very good. Logo design stands on its own and while you won`t immediately recognize those letters in a logo, this combination is beautiful! (This design is for sale and you can contact me if you are interested.) Our company Mahn Ammon & Co., acronym MAAMCo, specializes in the investment and development of land and real estate. Simple m logo concept including a star pattern with references to astrology. The logo was created for an artist who makes astrological talismans. “These are unique jewels inspired by everyone`s horoscope chart. The brand is called “la mesa de tres patas”, which means “three-legged table” in German, because magicians work their magic in these tables. The spirit of art revolves around beauty, “impossible” magic jewelry, self-care and astrology (the stars and the sky are in the earth, we are the cosmos) “Almadina Technologies is a new company that aims to research new technologies and adapt them to local markets.

Some examples: -3D scanning -3D printing -Robotics -Artificial intelligence -Machine learning applications. MOLEVA deals with the education and supervision of active seniors. A logo representing seniors engaged in exercise, health and physical activity is required.