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Contact Legal Resources Member Services at (800) 728-5768 or info@legalresources.com. The Legal Resource Plan protects you and your family from the high cost of legal fees. Whether your legal matter is a daily need or an unexpected life event, you`ll have immediate and ongoing access to a network of world-class law firms in your area. Attorneys` fees are covered 100% for fully covered services or with a 25% discount for less common legal needs. Cancellation can be made when registering open from 1 to 22 November. Call Legal Resources directly at (800) 728-5768 and Member Services will help you cancel. “Hi Jeff. I don`t know if you remember my wife and me. But we went bankrupt with you in Topeka and you said there were maybe only three law firms in KC that could do what we do, and you were one of them. So here`s an update.

Thanks to your hard work, we were able to buy a beautiful house in March 2022 as well as a beautiful Challenger srt8 2011 with compressor and 2017 rzr etc. Everything is paid for, except our house. We are virtually debt-free and I can comfortably work 40 hours without working overtime. It`s wonderful and my 16 year old son finally has a room outside an RV with basement and game room with a pool table for his friends. So, it`s just a huge late thank you. « Next accounts created by November 30, 2022 and due by August 31, 2023 If you really don`t need bankruptcy, we`ll let you know during your free consultation with one of our lawyers. We have provided a range of information here on our website to answer your frequently asked questions about insolvency. When W M Law President Jeff Wagoner was 13, his family lost their family farm. Although her childhood was marked by financial difficulties, the community gathered around her to help her family cope. This experience inspired him to become a bankruptcy lawyer in Kansas City. This site is currently being renovated, if you have a request, please use the contact details below.

Our firm has filed over 15,000 bankruptcy cases in Kansas and Missouri, and we were recently ranked #1 among all Kansas City bankruptcy lawyers. Newly registered members will receive a welcome package in the mail with information on how to create an online profile and view your benefits. The package also includes your membership cards with the name and phone number of your dedicated law firm. Simply call your law firm directly for a service. The cost of $8.25 per payment period covers you, your spouse and eligible dependent children until age 19 and 26 if you are a full-time student. Your first consultation with one of our lawyers is free and confidential. Remember, you`re declaring bankruptcy to make things better, not to make them worse. The insolvency system exists for a reason – it`s like a pressure relief valve for our society. If you need help from the insolvency system, use it. Wondering if insolvency could help you in your situation? If you`re struggling with crushing debt, talking to an experienced bankruptcy lawyer and developing a plan can bring a lot of peace of mind. Click the button below to view our free insolvency law tool.

Since the inception of our bankruptcy firm, our goal has always been to help Kansas City residents take advantage of bankruptcy as intended, that is, to give people a fresh start. Registration is open from 1 November to 22 November 2022 with a validity date of 1 January 2023. This unparalleled experience means we can handle even the most difficult cases. No matter what type of problem you are experiencing, the aggressiveness of your creditors or the uniqueness of your case, we can take care of it. We are. We know that you really prefer not to declare bankruptcy. We help you make an informed decision about whether you can really benefit from a bankruptcy declaration. W M Law has been operating in Kansas City for over 20 years and has four offices in Kansas City ready to provide you with attentive service and support when needed.